Alex Hagen

225 N. 2nd Street, 3C, Lafayette, IN 47901

(765)418-4155   e:

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Purdue University, BS anticipated May 2012Nuclear Engineering (3.50 anticipated May 2012)

West Lafayette, IN

Case Western Reserve UniversityBiomedical Engineering (3.33)

Cleveland, OH


Metastable Fluid Research Laboratory (Purdue Nuclear Engineering)

Student Researcher

Fall 2005-Spring 2007, Fall 2010 – Present
  • Work mainly centered on gamma detection using a modified metastable fluid neutron detector.
  • Used COMSOL to optimized design of a chamber used in metastable fluid neutron detection as well as sonoluminescent fusion.
  • Used Solidworks to create plastic prototypes to be printed and used in project, generally centrifugally tensioned systems.
  • Mentored Lafayette Jefferson High School student for the Purdue Regional Science Fair (2011-2012)
Argonne National Laboratory

Student Intern

Summer 2011

  • Created homogenized models of Argonne West Zero Power reactor setups for use in neutronics analysis using the PROTEUS methodology.
  • Worked on benchmarking models against experimental data from Argonne archives.
  • Started devoloping documentation system for homogenization of loadings.
  • Created input files to be run on legacy neutronics codes:  VARIANT and PARTISN.
Steiner Enterprises

Industrial Design Assistant

Spring 2009-Winter 2010

  • Developed more than 5 independent products from concept to production.
    • Specialized in molded plastic part design, but also gained experience in developing sheet metal, machined, and wrought iron parts.
    • Notable products:
      • NG Electrophoresis Chamber for Carolina Biological
      • Vertical Dual Electrophoresis Tank for Wards Physical Science
      • Centripetal Force Apparatus for Vernier Scientific
      • Worked on design team of two mechanical engineers, a physics consultant, and an electrical engineer.
      • Used Solidworks to help design, redesign, or re-source over 30 current products.
      • Created more than 50 inspection/production reports to ensure quality of off-shore manufacturing.
Metastable Fluid Research Laboratory (Purdue Nuclear Engineering)

Undergraduate Research Fellow

Summer 2008

  • Devised and performed experiments to create a metastable fluid gamma detector (previous detectors are gamma-insensitive).
  • Created circuit and system to characterize beams used during experimentation.
  • Presented a prepared talk for technical audience at Purdue S.U.R.F. program symposium.

Additional Activities:

Purdue University Men’s Soccer

Fall 2009-Present

  • President (Spring 2011-Spring 2012)
    • Scheduled and Administrated two teams (First Team and Reserve Team) for 2011 Season
    • Executed coaching search and hired Coach for First Team
    • Helped review and budget spending with Treasurer
    • Created and implemented “community service game” that required players to be involved in several community service event through season (including Dance Marathon, Relay for Life, etc.)
    • Vice President (Spring 2010-Spring 2011)
    • Webmaster (Spring 2010-Present)
    • Starter (Fall 2009-Present)
Purdue University Energy Club

Spring 2011-Present

  • CIO
Freelance Web Designer

Spring 2010-Present

  • Designed and implemented several websites
    • Notably Purdue Men’s Soccer ( and Purdue Energy Club (
FC Indiana Semi-Professional Men’s Soccer Team

Spring 2009-Fall 2009

  • Player

Awards and Accomplishments:

  • Participant, Indiana Corn Product Competition (2011)
  • National Merit Scholar (2007)
  • 3rd in High School class of 520 (2007)
  • MVP High School soccer team (Fall 2007)
  • Host, Founder, and Planner; “Maroon” Fashion Show (Spring 2007)
  • Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Invitee and Participant (2006 and 2007)
  • Hoosier Science and Engineering Fair Winner (2006 and 2007)
  • Purdue Regional Science Fair Winner (2007) and Runner-Up (2006)
  • National Honor Society Member (2006 and 2007)


Solidworks, MatLab, COMSOL, PHP, Fortran, Bash Scripting, SQL, Java, C++, Photo-editing, HTML, CSS, XML, Labview, Microprocessor Programming (Arduino), Simple Circuitry, Lab Familiarity


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